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Privacy Statement



Global Accreditation Services (GAS) is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of personal and business information. We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about the privacy of information that we may hold about you. This privacy statement outlines our policy on how we manage the information we collect, what sort of information we hold, for what purposes we collect, hold, use and disclose that information.



To enable Global Accreditation Services to perform effectively any engaged services we may provide, we need to obtain and hold information about your business. The information we collect, and hold will only be to the extent that it is required to carry out the engaged services and will be collected in a fair and lawful way. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Business name and contact details
  • Name and contact details of business employees, associates &/or representatives
  • Business Australian Business Numbers and Tax File Numbers
  • Information on business requirements and processes
  • Information on business software solutions and access details
  • Electronic or hard copy business documentation


You are not obliged to provide us with the information requested, although in that event we may not be able to provide you with the engaged services.


If it is reasonable and practicable we will only collect information from you as the business representative. Generally information will be collected when Global Accreditation Services personnel meet with you in person to discuss your business requirements, when you provide Global Accreditation Services personnel with information over the telephone or in writing, or in the course of Global Accreditation Services personnel carrying out the engaged services. Global Accreditation Services may need to collect information about your business from third parties.


Global Accreditation Services will destroy or permanently de-identify information if we no longer need it for the purpose of carrying out the engaged services.



Any Credit Card details provided to Global Accreditation Services will be utilised for the agreed purpose which may include providing your details to a third party, such as a regulating body or council. Once utilised, your Credit Card records will be removed from your file and destroyed. 



The information that Global Accreditation Services collects will only be used and disclosed for the purposes of the engaged services. Should Global Accreditation Services be required to disclose information to a third party, your expressed consent would first be obtained.


In the course of the engaged services it may be necessary for us to disclose your business information to others such as:

  • Government authorities and other organisations as required by law.


Global Accreditation Services generally stores information electronically. All our electronic storage is on a secure computer server that meets industry standard security measures. Global Accreditation Services will see that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the information that we hold is protected against unauthorised access, misuse, alteration, destruction and loss. All electronic devices that hold or access electronic information are password protected from unauthorised access. Global Accreditation Services personnel are required to adopt and adhere to his Privacy Statement as part of their employment agreement with Global Accreditation Services.



Where information is held by Global Accreditation Services about your business, access will be provided upon request in a form reasonably suitable to the information held, except to the extent that;

  • The request for access by the individual is frivolous or vexatious; or
  • Providing access would unreasonably impact on the privacy of others; or
  • Providing access would be unlawful; or
  • Providing access would prejudice commercial negotiations between the individual and Global Accreditation Services.


If access is denied to an individual then written reasons will be provided outlining why access has been denied. To request access please contact us using the details below.



Global Accreditation Services endeavours to take reasonable steps to ensure that the information that we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If you believe that any of the information that we hold is not accurate, complete or up-to-date please contact us using the details below and provide us with evidence that it is not accurate, complete and up-to-date.

If Global Accreditation Services agrees that the information requires correcting we will take reasonable steps to do so. If we do not correct your information we will provide you with the reasons for not correcting your information.



You can obtain further information on request about the way in which we manage the information that we hold or you can raise any privacy issues with us by contacting us through the following methods:


Contact Person: Greg Harmes


Telephone: 03 5874 3814

Fax: 03 5874 3813

Head Office Post: PO Box 9, Tocumwal NSW 2714


Global Accreditation Services may modify this Privacy Statement at any time. This Privacy Statement was last revised in May 2017.