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Terms and Conditions




These Terms and Conditions of Credit (Terms) apply to the establishment, operation and use of the Applicant’s credit account with Reytec t/as FDT ABN 51 091 940 265 (FDT, Goulburn Riverina Business Services) and Global Accreditation Services ABN 40 127 157 859 (GAS) acceptance of which is evidenced by the Applicant’s execution of the New Customer Credit Account Application Form (Application) or the acceptance of the companies representative to undertake work.


FDT, GAS or associated companies (Goulburn Riverina Business Services) or Contractors, are to be known through this document as “The Company” which can reference any one company, or all, at any time.

  1. The Applicant warrants that the information provided in the Application is accurate, correct and complete and is supplied for the purposes of obtaining credit.
  2. The person/s signing the Application warrants that he/she is duly authorised by the Applicant to apply for credit and execute this Application on their behalf.
  3. The Applicant agrees that it is not entitled to any credit facilities until it receives notice in writing from “The Company”, stating that credit facilities have been given and confirming the terms and conditions upon which such credit facilities are given. (This may be in the Form of an invoice, with payment terms endorsed.) Until the Applicant receives such notice, any products and/or services that are supplied by “The Company” to the Applicant will be on the basis of payment up front.
  4. The parties agree that, if prior to formally approving credit, “The Company” grants the Applicant time to pay for any products and/or services supplied, it does so on these Terms.
  5. In the event of “The Company” granting credit facilities to the Applicant then:
  1. All accounts are to be settled in full within the agreed trading terms noted on the “The Company” statement and/or invoice. Credit facilities may only continue if payment is maintained in accordance with those agreed trading terms.
  2. Should the Applicant default in making any payment in accordance with the agreed trading terms, then all monies owing to “The Company” shall immediately become due and payable. “The Company” shall be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per calendar month on all overdue amounts from the date due for payment until the date of actual payment.
  3. Any expense and/or costs or disbursements incurred by “The Company” in recovering any outstanding monies including debt Collection agency fees and legal costs shall be paid by the Applicant.
  4. It is expressly understood and agreed that this credit arrangement may be terminated at any time by “The Company”. In that event, all monies owing to “The Company” will be immediately due and payable.
  5. “The Company” may at any stage during the continuance of the credit arrangement impose as a condition precedent to the grant of further credit that the Applicant give such security or additional security or information as FDT shall in its discretion think fit and in a form acceptable to “The Company”. “The Company” shall be entitled to withhold supply of goods or further credit until such security or additional security is obtained.
  1. TRUSTS:

Where the Applicant is a trustee, the Applicant warrants that it is the only trustee of the trust and will remain trustee of the trust, it is not aware of any action having been taken to remove it as trustee of the trust, it has the power under the trust deed to enter into and observe its obligations under these Terms and the assets of the trust shall be available to meet payment of any monies due and owing to “The Company”.


The Applicant will notify “The Company” no later than 14 days after any change of ownership, change in particulars, any alteration or addition to shareholders or directors, and any change, alteration or addition in the Applicant’s internal structure and senior management.


When contracted for services, the customer is required to remit payment prior to services being provided, or make arrangements for payment with “The Company”. A quote/invoice will be issued that will require payment. Failure to make payment will cause “The Company” to cancel any pre-arranged appointments. This includes, but is not limited to, Training, Audits, Consulting and Systems Management.

For all training sessions, payment is required to be made by the customer in advance or on the day of training. Failure to make payment will cause “The Company” to cancel said training session.

All audits will be invoiced and payment of said invoices is required before the audit is submitted to the Regulator or relevant Authority.

All Consulting work for the implementation of any compliance system will be paid on a fourteen day invoice; and any associated audits will be withheld if unpaid.

Al systems management work undertaken will be on a fourteen day account.

Payment is accepted via credit card, cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer.

  1. LAW:

The parties agree that these Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.


“The Company” Terms and Conditions of Sale, a copy of which is available upon request work in conjunction with these Terms and shall apply in respect of all sales made to the Applicant.


“The Company” Terms and Conditions of Credit and Terms and Conditions of Sale form the agreement between the parties and are binding on the parties. These Terms and Conditions of Credit and Terms and Conditions of Sale will prevail over any subsequent document issued by the Customer. If the Application is received in electronic format, it is constituted as an original document.